Kimmo Pohjonen Skin

Kimmo Pohjonen – accordion, electronics, voice
Inka Pohjonen – guitar, electronics, vocals
Saana Pohjonen – drums, vocals

Formed in 2015 around the album Sensitive Skin. The trio performs music from the album plus additional material with focus on atmospheric excursions of accordion, electronics, guitar and percussion. Bookings for 2016-2018 include Finland, Germany, UK, Czech Republic, Poland, Estonia, Germany, FMM, Sines Portugal and WOMAD UK.

Video, live at FMM, Sines, Portugal, 2018

Live in Gdansk 2016.

”Serenity” video.

Kimmo Pohjonen Skin promo video.

Skin trio by Studio 1851 72dpiabove photo: Studio 1851

skin trio in jenaabove photo: Lars Larsson

2015_10_03_kimmo_pohj_322015_10_03_kimmo_pohj_06Inka,kimmo_saanaabove by Nina Sivén

Skin trio 1 by Petr Salabaabove photo: Petr Salaba