Kimmo Pohjonen Solo

Since 1996, after his many projects in folk, rock, dance, theatre and avant-garde music projects, Kimmo has concentrated on his solo 5-row accordion project, featuring extreme and original compositions, custom-made MIDI-fied electric accordion, live loops and effects, dynamic and animated stage performance, orchestrated lights and surround sound. Sound and light design are crucial elements of […]

Uniko with Tallinn Chamber Orchestra

Kimmo Pohjonen (accordion, vocals) Juuso Hannukainen (electronics, electronic drums) Tallinn Chamber Orchestra Conductor Tõnu Kaljuste Since the premiere with Kronos Quartet, Uniko has been performed widely with Kronos Quartet, Proton String Quartet and Ragazze Quartet. Uniko was first created by Kimmo Pohjonen and the sampling master Samuli Kosminen featuring music composed by the duo. In […]

Kimmo Pohjonen UZone

Kimmo Pohjonen UZone explores the new and unknown in this new solo piece, in which the accordion is an electronic machine that creates image and light in addition to a real-time layered soundscape. UZone has also been adapted for small orchestra and was performed with the Classical Beat Orchestra in Travemünde in July 2021. photo: […]


Kelavala: Reijo Kela: dance Heikki Laitinen: voice Kimmo Pohjonen: accordion photo: Vertti Teräsvuori

Kimmo Pohjonen Skin

Kimmo Pohjonen – accordion, electronics, voice Inka Pohjonen – guitar, electronics, vocals Saana Pohjonen – drums, vocals Formed in 2015 around the album Sensitive Skin. The trio performs music from the album plus additional material with focus on atmospheric excursions of accordion, electronics, guitar and percussion. Bookings for 2016-2018 include Finland, Germany, UK, Czech Republic, […]

Ultra Organ

Ultra Organ: Kimmo Pohjonen – organ-accordion, voice Mikko Helenius – organ, voice Tuomas Norvio – sound design and live electronics Otso Vartiainen – visual design, lights Kimmo Pohjonen’s new 70 min. composition, Ultra Organ, was commissioned by Köln Philharmonie. Co-composer of the piece is Tuomas Norvio with arrangements by Pohjonen, Helenius and Norvio. Over a […]


Breath New duet project by Tero Saarinen & Kimmo Pohjonen Choreographer-dancer Tero Saarinen and composer-accordionist Kimmo Pohjonen join forces in a new creation titled Breath. The duet will receive its world premiere on 12 April, 2018 at Grand Théâtre de Québec folllowed by five performances at Danse Danse‘s Nordic Spring Festival at Place des Arts in Montréal, Canada, […]

Bright Shadow with Minna Tervamäki

Kimmo Pohjonen began cooperation with the dancer étoile and choreographer Minna Tervamäki on the stage of the Finnish National Opera in 2011 and the project has evolved conceptually from 2012 to 2014. Bright Shadow reflects the merging of the artists’ powerful opposing forces. The duo premiered their first full performance at the Oulu Music Festival […]

Pohjonen Alanko

Ismo Alanko and Kimmo Pohjonen team up for the new project Pohjonen Alanko. The focus is vocal experimentation and new sonic adventures with effects, samples and instrumentation. Third member of the team is sound designer and electronics manipulator Tuomas Norvio. Pohjonen Alanko premiered in November 2014 in Hämeenlinna, Tampere and Helsinki, performed at Finnish festivals […]

Soundbreaker Documentary

Soundbreaker is an eighty-six minute music documentary film about Kimmo Pohjonen, featuring interviews, story, photos, music, video and archive material from Pohjonen’s thirty-five year career in music. Directed by Kimmo Koskela. Produced by Kimmo Koskela and Klaus Heydemann. This award winning documentary film is released on DVD by W-film, Germany. Language: Fin/Eng Subtitles: Eng/Ger Sound: […]

Uniko with Kronos Quartet

Kimmo Pohjonen and sampling master Samuli Kosminen joined forces with Kronos Quartet on the project Uniko featuring music composed by the duo. Kosminen samples Pohjonen’s accordion and Kronos’ strings and reproduces them into the mix via his electronic drum pads and devices. The result is a unique sound never before accomplished. The Uniko World Premiere […]

Uniko with Proton String Quartet

Uniko with Proton String Quartet: The Uniko work recorded by Pohjonen / Kosminen and Kronos Quartet is also performed live with Finland’s Proton String Quartet. Proton strings and accordion are sampled and manipulated, treated and reproduced electronically by either Samuli Kosminen or Juuso Hannukainen. Surround sound and lights expand the program to a full-dimensional experience. […]


Daredevil accordionist Kimmo Pohjonen stretches the definition, ability and sound of accordion beyond anything previously known. Drummer, percussionist and rhythmic manipulator Pat Mastelotto and Warr-guitarist Trey Gunn, also known as duo TU (pronounced “2”) are known for their work with King Crimson, one of the most dynamic and innovative bands of all time. Together, they […]

Murder Ballads

Heikki Laitinen (vocals) and Kimmo Pohjonen (accordion) perform Finnish murder ballads. Premiere: Feb 1, 2012: Helsinki, Finland – Musiikkitalo, Sonore The Murder Ballads CD was released summer 2012 by Sibelius Academy.   Antti Isotalo and Antti Rannanjärvi, infamous 19th century criminals.

Kimmo Pohjonen & Eric Echampard

Kimmo Pohjonen (accordion) / Eric Echampard (drums) joined forces in 2001 with the goal to make totally improvised music, live on stage with no rehearsals. They have succeeded in their aim to ride the edge of melody, counterpoint, energy and tension as proven by the enthusiastic audiences at each performance, as well as by the […]

Earth Machine Music

Kimmo Pohjonen’s Earth Machine Music features Pohjonen performing live on farms in collaboration with local farmers and their machines, tools and animals. The seeds were planted in summer of 2006 with the Ite Festival concert in Rämsöö, Finland where Pohjonen performed live with farming machines operated by local farmers. The program then toured in UK […]