Uniko with Proton String Quartet

Uniko with Proton String Quartet:
The Uniko work recorded by Pohjonen / Kosminen and Kronos Quartet is also performed live with Finland’s Proton String Quartet. Proton strings and accordion are sampled and manipulated, treated and reproduced electronically by either Samuli Kosminen or Juuso Hannukainen. Surround sound and lights expand the program to a full-dimensional experience. Uniko with Proton String Quartet performances in Helsinki, Tampere, Espoo, Estonia, Macau, Köln, Portugal, Potsdam, Prague, Brussels, Hamburg, Roskilde Festival, Mezzo Voce TV in Corsica, DOM Ljubljana, Wien Konzerthaus and Luxembourg Philharmonie.

Mezzo Voce video clip here.

Uniko DOM 1 DomenPal_014(photo courtesy Domen Pal)

Proton String Quartet was formed in spring 2005 by violinist, arranger and composer Teppo Ali-Mattila with the aim to perform pieces made by the most interesting composers of various musical styles.   Quartet members, three of whom are with the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra, have long careers in many varied music styles, are exceptionally skilled players and share a common open-minded and adventurous attitude towards new musics and projects.

Proton press photo

Proton press photo by Petra Hajska

The main principles for PSQ are: working in co-operation with interesting composers of various music genres, commissioning new works and performing forgotten masterpieces, combining various arts (for example dance-, theater-, film- and other visual arts) with string quartet and developing electric processing of acoustic sound.

During their first year of existence, PSQ work has included: the first performance in Scandinavia of “Variazioni sull’ Dies Irae” by Italian composer Giovanni Bonato, the world premiere of Sid Hille’s work “The Transformation of El Chicho the Saint” for jazz quartet and string quartet, recordings of Kimmo Pohjonen’s works “Lumo” and “Hohto” for the Armenian film “Majak” and five new arrangements of children’s songs to Otava’s song-book-cd “Lystitunti” by Teppo Ali-Mattila.

Proton press photo

Proton press photo by Jyrki Kallio

Kimmo Pohjonen – accordion, voice
Samuli Kosminen – accordion samples, strings samples

Proton String Quartet:
Teppo Ali-Mattila – violin
Matilda Haavisto – violin
Maarit Holkko-Wagoner – viola
Veli-Matti Iljin – cello