Soundbreaker Documentary

Soundbreaker is an eighty-six minute music documentary film about Kimmo Pohjonen, featuring interviews, story, photos, music, video and archive material from Pohjonen’s thirty-five year career in music. Directed by Kimmo Koskela. Produced by Kimmo Koskela and Klaus Heydemann.

This award winning documentary film is released on DVD by W-film, Germany.
Language: Fin/Eng
Subtitles: Eng/Ger
Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1
Format: 16 : 9 (1,78 : 1)
Region: 2 (may not be playable in America, Japan)
Available via:
Amazon, Germany

Soundbreaker is also available worldwide online via Online Film of Germany. English and German subtitles are both available. Download in stereo and streaming in mono. Access here.

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Premiere 2012:
Soundbreaker premiered in four cities in spring 2012:
Feb 22 and 23: Wellington, NZ – Film Archive
March 9: Adelaide, Australia – WOMADelaide
March 9: Tampere, Finland – Tampere Film Festival . International Documentary Competition.
March 22: Montreal, Canada – FIFA (International Festival of Films on Art) Competition

Since its premiere, Soundbreaker has been screened in over thirty countries.

Soundbreaker won a major prize: “Prix de la Creation”, the Award for Best Creative Film at FIFA 2012 , the 30th Festival International for Films on Art, in Montreal. FIFA is the biggest and most respected of its kind with three hundred films from around the world, forty-one in competition. The award winning FIFA films will tour art museum gala exhibitions in six major cities in the world.

In 2014, Soundbreaker opened in German cinemas with screenings in over fifty cities. Distribution:W-film. List of German screenings.
Soundbreaker was broadcast on 3sat TV in Germany, Austria, Switzerland.

Soundbreaker opened in Finnish cinemas March 22, 2013 and was broadcast on Finnish YLE TV on Dec 30, 2013 and January 4, 2014

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...the fusion of visual and emotional resonances is nothing short of breathtaking ...a world of pure exhilaration. Fold away all thoughts you've ever had about his instrument. A new Wikipedia entry for accordion has just been invented! Arno Rafael Minkkinen