Daredevil accordionist Kimmo Pohjonen stretches the definition, ability and sound of accordion beyond anything previously known. Drummer, percussionist and rhythmic manipulator Pat Mastelotto and Warr-guitarist Trey Gunn, also known as duo TU (pronounced “2”) are known for their work with King Crimson, one of the most dynamic and innovative bands of all time. Together, they form the psychedelic power trio KTU (”K2”). Performing worldwide since 2004, their concerts are explosive events of adventure, madness and intensity.

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KTU’s live debut, (with sampling genius Samuli Kosminen as an original fourth member) took place in Helsinki at Nosturi in 2004, followed by concerts in Tokyo at Eggman. All concerts were recorded on multi-track and the debut album, complied from these recordings, 8 Armed Monkey, was released in 2005. The group has had a successful string of live concerts and tours from 2005-2010 including Moers, Jena, Kassel (Germany), Sines and Cascais (Portugal), Tampere Jazz Happening (Finland), SPOT Festival in Denmark, Pohoda (Slovakia), Etnosur and Pirineos Sur (Spain), Estonia, Norway, Austria, Slovenia and FIMAV Victoriaville (Canada), Toronto, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, SXSW Austin, Mexico, Moscow’s B1 club, Tavastia in Helsinki, Creation of Peace festival in Kazan (Tatarstan), Perm, St Petersburg, Ostrava, Montenegro and Drumfest in Poland.

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The second album from KTU (Gunn, Pohjonen, Mastelotto), entitled Quiver, was recorded and mixed in Texas and Helsinki studios and released in 2009 in Europe, North America and Japan.

Trey Gunn – Warr guitar
Kimmo Pohjonen – accordion, voice
Pat Mastelotto –  rhythmic devices, beats, noises

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