Kimmo Pohjonen Solo

Since 1996, after his many projects in folk, rock, dance, theatre and avant-garde music projects, Kimmo has concentrated on his solo 5-row accordion project, featuring extreme and original compositions, custom-made MIDI-fied electric accordion, live loops and effects, dynamic and animated stage performance, orchestrated lights and surround sound. Sound and light design are crucial elements of the performance, creating an event that is stimulating visually as it is sonically. His performances and his music have been called revolutionary, astounding audiences and critics alike with their uncompromising intensity and originality. Solo concerts have been performed all over Europe, North and South America, Israel, Japan, China and Russia to unanimous rave reviews.

Solo press photo

Solo press photo by Jyrki Kallio

Kimmo’s first solo recording Kielo was released in 1999 in Finland, Japan and France and has received astounding and unanimous critical acclaim. Songlines magazine UK voted it in their ”Top of the World” listing. Pohjonen tours solo in New Zealand, Australia and Singapore in March 2012 and with more solo shows in Europe later in the year and prepares a new solo album for 2013.

In the hands of Finland’s Kimmo Pohjonen, the accordion abandons its folk roots to become a gutbusting furnace of shamanic sound, animated by primal energies and orchestral dynamics…a performer whose blend of virtuosity and resolute experimentation is routinely likened to that of Jimi Hendrix and Laurie Anderson. Wire