Pohjonen Alanko Album and Tour

Pohjonen Alanko will release their debut album at the end of October and will embark on the album release tour in November.

Pohjonen Alanko trio features Ismo Alanko, Kimmo Pohjonen and Tuomas Norvio. The core of their music is vocal improvisation and electronic adventures. The sounds, melodies and rhythms conceived in a free form state are developed into powerful visual imaginations and creative compositions. Various sounds emanating from the human body, hypnotic vibrations and lyrical melodies meet modern technology and unfold as pagan ritual activities, beautiful hymns or raucous dance music.

In addition to human voices and electronics, the musical landscape is colored by collisions of experimental accordion and punk-inspired guitar. The full sound picture remains open and susceptible to new, spontaneous colors and shapes.

Svart Records will release Pohjonen Alanko’s first full length album entitled Voice of Northern Lowland on October 28, 2022 as a CD and digital download. The CD can be ordered on Svart’s online store.

Voice of Northern Lowland is available on Bandcamp.

Pohjonen Alanko album release tour 2022:
09.11. Vuotalo, Helsinki
10.11. Rytmikorjaamo, Seinäjoki
11.11. G Livelab Tampere
12.11. G Livelab Helsinki

Video: ”Northern Lowland”

Pohjonen Alanko:
Ismo Alanko : voice, guitar, violin
Kimmo Pohjonen: voice, accordion, electronics
Tuomas Norvio: electronics, soundscapes