Uumen (2005)

On each piece, the pair use different ways to build the tension and surprise so essential to improvisation. For the opening of “Utopia,” Pohjonen coaxes wispy tones that are round and warm like an organ, while Echampard splashes his brushes around his kit. Combine these effects with Pohjonen’s slurping, gulping, garbling vocal effects, and the piece begins to take shape similar to that of the improvised electronic worlds of poire_z. They then transform the interplay into a multi-layered drone, then into a dirge. “Uumen” is a Finnish word that describes a place of meditative calm. It’s an excellent metaphor for the state of mind of improvisers, and Pohjonen and Echampard deserve credit for their ability as storytellers to enter that place and take the listener with them. Matthew Wuethrich, Dusted

(2005, Rockadillo ZENCD 2100 / Westpark Music 87116)

Kimmo Pohjonen  – accordion, voice
Eric Echampard  – drums

1. Fil Fragile 5’55
2. Vaste 3’00
3. Uumen 7’10
4. Kuuma 2’34
5. Utopia 12’26
6. Onde Blonde 6’26
7. Dada 2’25
8. Anemia 9’35
All music improvised: Pohjonen / Echampard

Recorded at Maison de la Culture, Amiens, France, March 2004.
Engineer: Heikki Iso-Ahola
Mixed by Kimmo Pohjonen and Hessu Savolainen at Seawolf, Helsinki 2004, 2005

Design: Ilmari Hakala
Thanks to Charles Gil

P & C 2005 Rockadillo / Hoedown Arts