Quiver (2008)

Pronounced "kay-too" this three-piece avant-garde fusion combo showcases the talents of Finland's Kimmo Pohjonen, known in some quarters as the Hendrix of the accordion. Pohjonen is joined by King Crimson graduates Trey Gunn on Warr guitar (that's a customised guitar that can be played upright and hit as opposed to strummed) and percussionist Pat Mastelotto. This second album showcases Pohjonen's unique ability to transform that most unglamorous of instruments into anything from the gentle rippling of a pond on a summer's day to the apocalyptic roar of a multiple re-entry warhead missile as it incinerates a screaming city in a thermonuclear blast of cosmic hell. The sound defies category: it's like you might imagine Bitches Brew-era Miles Davis if he had been brought up playing central European gypsy music or Scots accordion supremo Jimmy Shand if he had been born on Mars (and signed to ECM). Occasionally King Crimson-ish, sometimes Zappa-esque, they meander off into a whole globe of ethnic possibilities and back again. It's music that challenges you yet is still eminently listenable: although this is music created by an almost telepathic bond between the musicians, it's never music that - like so much contemporary jazz - leaves the listener out of the equation. Tommy Udo, Prog Magazine, March 2010

KTU – Quiver
(2008, Rockadillo Finland, Westpark Germany, 7dMedia USA, Disk Union/Arcangelo Japan)

Trey Gunn – Warr guitar
Kimmo Pohjonen – accordion, voice
Pat Mastelotto – rhythmic devices, beats and noises
Samuli Kosminen: additional beats and noises, Kosminization

Produced: KTU

Recorded: The Zone, Dripping Springs, Texas, 2007-2008.
Engineered: Pat Manskie
Additional recording at 7Directions, Seattle and Seawolf, Helsinki

Mixed: KTU and Petri Majuri at Seawolf Studios, Helsinki, August – September 2008
Steven Wilson: additional mixing of Kataklasm, Jacaranda and Miasmaa at No Man’s Land Studios

Mastered: Petri Majuri and Kimmo Pohjonen, Seawolf, October 2008

Executive producer, various orifices and appendages: Phillip Page

1)    Fragile Sun (Gunn)      1’40
2)    Kataklasm  (Gunn / Pohjonen / Mastelotto)  5’08
3)    Nano (Pohjonen / Gunn / Mastelotto) 4’44
4)    Quiver (Pohjonen)  3’15
5)    Purga  (Pohjonen / Gunn / Mastelotto) 5’44
6)    Womb  (Gunn / Pohjonen)   3’43
7)    Wasabi Fields (Pohjonen)  4’00
8)    Jacaranda (Gunn / Pohjonen / Mastelotto)   3’55
9)    Aorta (Pohjonen) 2’50
10)   Miasmaa  (Gunn / Pohjonen / Mastelotto) 4’54
11)   Snow Reader (Pohjonen)  5’40
bonus Japan: 12) Frankenstein (Edgar Winter)  4’19
bonus Japan: 13) Saffron Tears (demo) (KTU) 5’30

All arrangements: KTU
Purga and Snow Reader arranged by KTU and Samuli Kosminen.
All music: Copyright Control (TEOSTO) / Thick and Thorny Music (BMI) / Poppy Due Music (BMI)

Cover foto and insect photography: Jorge Enrique Marrufo
Design and layout: Ilkka Kumpunen and Phillip Page / Blunder Optics

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