Kielo (1999)

Yes, I did say accordion, but this is no jolly squeezebox, pretty tunes and big smiles. The man who takes on a 15-kilo snarling beast – and wins – has a mission: to drain the accordion of every last drop of music and, in the process, to find a means of self-expression which unashamedly explores the whole gamut of human emotion. The Independent, Fiona Talkington

(1999 Rockadillo Records, ZENCD 2060)
(P-Vine, Japan PCD 23115. Includes bonus live track ”Keko”)
(World Village/Harmonia Mundi, France 479007)

1. Anastataja 5’02
2. Kalmukki 3’06
3. Emboli 7’42
4. Saatto 4’26
5. Kirkuna 5’01
6. Kova 2’59
7. Silmäys 4’06
8. Kielo 3’02
9. Sirpale 0’59
10. Ammoin 3’35
11. Koruna 5’14

All sounds on this album are created by Kimmo Pohjonen’s accordion or voice, except track 5, harmonium.

Music by Kimmo Pohjonen

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Heikki Savolainen at Handes Graceland and Seawolf Studios, Helsinki, December 1998 and January 1999.

Produced by Tapani Rinne
Photos: Vertti Teräsvuori
Artwork: Janne Uotila