Documentary film Soundbreaker to be screened at WOMEX 2012

The award winning documentary film about Kimmo Pohjonen, entitled Soundbreaker, will be screened at WOMEX 2012 in Thessaloniki, Greece on Oct 18 at 15:25. Directed by Kimmo Koskela. Produced by Kimmo Koskela and Klaus Heydemann. WOMEX Soundbreaker link. Worldwide sales: NonStop Sales  Link  NonStop Sales
Soundbreaker screenings will also take place this year at:
July 4: La Rochelle International Documentary Festival , France
July 20-25: Guanajuato Film Festival, Mexico link
Aug 17-24: EBS International Documentary Festival, South Korea link
Sept 20-25: Kiev International Film Festival, Ukraine link
Sept 27-Oct 12: Vancouver International Flm Festival, Canada link
Oct 12-21: Warsaw Film Festival, Poland, in competition link
Oct 13-17: International Television Festival Golden, Prague, Czech Republic, competition link
Dec 9-16: Dubai International Film Festival link